1. Anonymous said: unafraid loyal just true

    Done, sorry Anon, forgot this was here.

  2. fayestardust:

    Iā€™m an idiot.

  4. Quote from thisaintrachel's blog


  7. Anonymous said: I know it's long but could you write: "Holding your hand warm in minefeels like the warm, golden sunshine. On a nice day out in mid summer, I'm walking down the road hand in hand with my drummer. He leads my heartbeat, he makes me smile, he leads my dancing butterflies. Let me tell you, listen close: Babe, that is what love is about." (Yeah I try to write poems from time to time oops šŸ™ˆ) Thank you :)

    I hope you like it :)


  8. Anonymous said: Can you write: Jodie ā¤ļø Liam :Thank you!! šŸ˜„


  10. Anonymous said: Hiiii xx Could you, if you can of course, write 'Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence'? I'll understand if you're too busy! ilysm ā¤ļø

    coming up in a new post